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The Age of Christ as Ruler

From Judgment to Eternity

The last age is known as The Millennium, meaning a thousand years. Mortal man is once again in direct communication with God, and the world is ruled personally by Jesus. People will again live many centuries with only "sinners" dying at younger than 100 years of age.1 The judgment-mangled earth will be restored and repopulated, and there will at last be real peace. But at the end of it people are tested one last time. Rebellion in the midst of Eden brings us full circle through human history, and God must again destroy the wicked.

There can be no denying that salvation in this final age is not by faith in the unseen. The kingdom of God is literally there and everything is seen clearly; the time of faith and hope has passed into reality. Salvation must therefore be equally clear and simple: allegiance to God. The time many have longed for, where only sinners die young or suffer injury or disease, will be a reality then. Yet these mortals who survived the judgments and are not sinning are not any part of the church, the Body or Bride of Christ. So even if one insists that the Tribulation believers are part of the church, they must admit that there is at least a precedent for post-church believers.

  1. 1 Isaiah 65:17-25