Books of a Fether

You Are All One

This detailed study on the topic of control and hierarchy in Christianity examines passages all through the Bible. It challenges traditions and assumptions that either ignore or read into the text.

Bible Prophecy

This study of Bible prophecy establishes foundational principles of interpretation, then applies them to prophecy yet remaining to be fulfilled.


The fall and restoration of the Christian community.

Salvation Through the Ages

What does the Bible really say about salvation?

The Reformers and their Stepchildren

An analysis of the book by Leonard Verduin, which covers church history and dissent from Constantine to the Reformation.

The Hunt/White Debate

This is my analysis of the book Debating Calvinism.

Calvinism and Free Will

An examination of the claims of Calvinism regarding free will.

Christian Basics Handbook

This handbook lays a solid foundation for Christians in a world of confusion and deception. It gets to the simple basics of the faith, and it serves as both a primer for new Christians and a refresher course for more seasoned Christians.