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The Hunt/White Debate ©2009 | free PDF


An overview of the debate

I don’t remember precisely how many years ago it was when I first came across the the theological system known as Calvinism. But I was introduced to it by an online friend, who provided recommended links and book titles. I read through those and took notes over a period of about six months, and of course everything seemed so very airtight and logical. But in the spirit of Prov. 18:17 I knew I must give equal effort to examining the arguments in opposition to this system. So I did, and again I took notes.

At the end of it I compared the arguments and scoured the scriptures once again, concluding that Calvinism as defined by its proponents today is a reprehensible smear against the very nature of God, and an oft-mentioned reason for rejection of the gospel. If, as Calvinists frequently claim, all opposition to it is based upon failure to understand what it teaches, then we can only explain how so many and varied groups of people have thus failed by concluding that Calvinists have done the poorest job of clarifying their teachings.

Several years ago there was a debate on Calvinism between Dave Hunt and James White, with White arguing for the affirmative (supporting Calvinism). You can read the PDF of the debate at Scribd. Since White is a respected representative of Calvinism and Hunt of non-Calvinism, such a debate serves as a valuable microcosm of the larger debate which has raged since Calvin. I reproduce below only the outline of the debate, adding my comments beneath each point. So please read through the debate first. And be sure not to skim over the parts by the opposing viewpoint to your own, only reading your side’s assessment of their words. I made a similar mistake taking the word of my Calvinist friend’s assessment, who naturally concluded that of course Hunt was obviously the "bad guy" with an un-Christlike attitude. Having later read it for myself, of course I have the opposite opinion.